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Light the Legacy is dedicated to equipping everyone for end of life decisions and we know how important it is to have resources to help you along the way. Whether you are seeking general information, support, comfort, or guidance, our hope is that Light the Legacy will have a resource for you, wherever you are in the journey.

Recommended Books


The Gray Zone – When life support no longer supports life

By Deborah Day Laxson

The-Gray-Zone-Book“The Gray Zone” – when life support no longer supports life.  The Gray Zone shares Deborah’s personal story as the health care agent for her husband Bill. The book is compelling, moving and pulls at your heart strings!  Deb knows first-hand what it is to be the spouse of a loved one, who can no longer speak for themselves, and also wear the “other hat” – the health care agent!  One person… two very different roles.  Deb takes us on her journey and shows us the importance of being prepared when life gives us no preparation, when the unexpected comes and turns our world upside down.

debThe Gray Zone is that fuzzy place where it’s not clear if life-support measures are really supporting life and allowing the body to heal, or only masking the reality that death is inevitable. The medical staff gives you options and possible treatments, and then they look expectantly to you. When do you let go and stop? When is enough, enough? You make decisions based on what you know from your medical team and what you know about your loved one’s definitions of quality of life. You do the best you can. You’re in The Gray Zone. It’s a really lonely place to be.

Deb lives in St. Cloud, MN and plays a vital role in the success of Light the Legacy. The Gray Zone can be purchased through Deb’s website, DeborahDayLaxson.com. A portion of the sale of Deb’s book is given to Light the Legacy for the furthering of Advance Care Planning in central Minnesota. The book is also available at Barnes & Noble and online at Amazon.com.

The Gray Zone won first place at the 2013 Midwest Book Awards, and helps us through that important lesson that we all must learn – be ready and expect the unexpected!


The Tear Catcher – God’s hand in your heartache

By Lynn MacKenzine

tearcatchLynn MacKenzie invites you into her world in “The Tear Catcher” – God’s hand in your heartache. Lynn chronicles her husband’s journey through cancer and her own experiences from heartache to grace; from unspeakable fear and grief, to abundant peace and joy. She will show you how God can “make a difference” in your life’s circumstances. You’ll discover how He can turn tragedy into triumph. God can take shattered dreams and mold them into new ones. He can fill your heart with hope and mobilize you to action. You’ll be able to answer that most difficult question: what will be my life’s outcome, whether I live or die today? Just like MacKenzie’s husband, Bruce, you will be able to say “Either way, I win!”

f2abad5b-a5ab-11dc-b645-000e0c3eb3bewLynn MacKenzie holds a degree in Interdepartmental Speech Communications and is certified through Respecting Choices® as an advance care planning facilitator and instructor for advance care planning facilitators. She is an experienced speaker and is passionate about empowering people to discuss end-of-life issues, motivating them to complete health care directives, and generating this momentum in the central Minnesota community.

“‘The Tear Catcher’ is more than a chronicle of the cancer journey I went through with my husband,” explains MacKenzie. “It is a book about hope–about seeing God in the visible as well as the invisible.” “God doesn’t promise we won’t have tears, but He does promise to be there to catch them,” she adds. MacKenzie says she’s learned to “live each day as if it’s my last, and at the end of the day, to reflect whether I’ve lived my best.”

Lynn lives in St. Cloud, MN and is the Project Coordinator for Light the Legacy. The Tear Catcher can be purchased through Lynn’s website, I Win Ministries. A portion of the sale of Lynn’s book is given to Light the Legacy for the furthering of Advance Care Planning in central Minnesota. The book is also available at Barnes & Noble and online at Amazon.com.


Turn Right, Good Moon – By Leslie (L.E.) Moore

trightgdmnA few days before she died, Good Moon suggested to her family that more needed to be written about dying at home.  While we are blessed with many volumes on dying by doctors, palliative care specialists and other experts, rare is the book that explores the experience of ordinary families.  Turn Right, Good Moon helps to fill that gap.

Turn Right was written by a family – specifically for families – and can be read as a simple yet beautiful parable, as an almanac of hope, or as a practical guide for people who know little of dying and who find themselves in an unfamiliar world.

If you would like to learn more about the book, we invite you to take a look at the website, www.turnrightgoodmoon.com.  Turn Right, Good Moon is available for purchase on Amazon.com. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to organizations that provide hospice and palliative care.

For more information, contact Ginny Green. Ginny is the sister of the author and daughter of Good Moon. Ginny volunteers her time to Light the Legacy to help further Advance Care Planning in central Minnesota.

Good Moon LLC – P.O. Box 515 Waite Park, MN  56387


Dealing Creatively with Death – By Ernest Morgan

This book is a small encyclopedia on death-related problems; social, emotional, philosophical and practical. It is written simply and sensitively, drawing substantially of direct experience. Thoroughly updated from previous editions, it includes the information covering death education, living with dying, bereavement, the right to die, simple burial and cremation, funeral consumer organizations, death ceremonies and how the dead can help the living.

An educator and prominent advocate of simple and dignified funeral arrangements, Ernest Morgan passed away at age 95 just after this edition of his well-known book went to the printer. He had spent the last year of his life bringing it completely up to date. Dealing Creatively with Death is available at amazon.com.


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